Career Guidance What Everybody Ought to Know About Piping Design Jobs

What Everybody Ought to Know About Piping Design Jobs

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Mr.Pavan Raj is working as Piping Design Engineer in Gulf.  His 15 years of vast industry experience and knowledge would be beneficial for readers who are just curious about what a Piping Design is all about.

Justwalkover: What is the qualification required to become Piping Designer Engineer? 

Pavan Raj: B.E (Mechanical Engineering)/M.Tech

Justwalkover:What are the technical skillsets required?

Pavan Raj: Piping Softwares like CEASER, PDMS, CADWORX, AUTOCAD

Justwalkover:  What are the soft skills required?

Pavan Raj: Communication Skill, Analogical reasoning, Adaptability, Teamwork skills

Justwalkover: What is the scope of this job and domains who recruit these jobs?

Pavan Raj: Major Oil and Gas Company worldwide.

Justwalkover: Personality traits match this job?

Pavan Raj:Flexible, intelligent, optimistic, Confident, Reliable, Positive

Justwalkover:Major challenges one can come across in this job?

Pavan Raj: Pressurised & high-risk work

Justwalkover:What kind of career progression one will have?

Pavan Raj: Lead Engineer, Manager

Justwalkover:  What would be the starting salary range?

Pavan Raj: 2000$

Justwalkover: Is this job role demands overtime or shift?  What is the working pattern?

Pavan Raj: Yes, it purely depends on the project schedule

Justwalkover:  What is the job role?

Pavan Raj: What one will be doing is,

  • Prepare work plus instructions to designers involved in mechanical plus piping design package.
  • Discuss all pertinent problems encountered during the design stage.
  • Ensure to openly communicate with various disciplines.
  • Develop detailed material and purchase parameters for piping and fittings.
  • Head responsibility for piping layout, stress analysis, piping procurement activities and hanger design.
  • Head responsibility to prepare piping bulk quantity forecasts for proposals.
  • Conduct piping design analysis and guide others to an application of nuclear codes and standards along with licensing requirements.
  • Provide technical supervision and support training engineers as well as designers in Class 1, 2 and 3 piping evaluation and design.
  • Develop and present technical as well as marketing presentations associated with power plant layout and piping design.
  • Support development of designers and engineers especially in nuclear industry area requirements as well as practices.
  • Plan, arrange, and schedule work activities for the piping team.
  • Identify, evaluate, and resolve problems.
  • Review vendor drawings for information related to commercial nuclear facilities design.
  • Provide commissioning and construction support with irregular site visits.
  • Perform effectively with vendors, clients, management and varied team members.
  • Report administratively to piping design department manager.
  • Supervise and administer responsibility of a large group of designers and engineers.
  • Head responsibility to ensure effective utilisation of engineering staff and technical quality.
  • Conduct calculations and evaluate the design of industrial facilities.

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