Career Guidance Things You Wish to Know About Anchoring Profession

Things You Wish to Know About Anchoring Profession

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Miss Vishmitha has been working as a freelance anchor for 3 years in various TV Channels. She worked for Kannada TV Channels like Janashree News, Sambrama TV, and Inchara Channel. In this interview with Justwalkover, Vishmitha gives valuable tips for those looking to enter the field.

Justwalkover:What is the qualification required to become anchor?

Vishmitha: Any qualification above 12th standard.

Justwalkover: What are the technical skillsets required?

Vishmitha: Not necessarily required.

Justwalkover: What are the soft skills required?

Vishmitha: Excellent communication skills, Self-confidence, General Knowledge, Stress coping skills.

Justwalkover: Which domains recruit these jobs?

Vishmitha: TV Channels and Event Management Companies recruit these kinds of jobs.

Justwalkover: Personality traits match this job?

Vishmitha: Talkative,Bold,Pleasant personality traits.

Justwalkover: Major challenges one can come across in this job?

Vishmitha: Stress about own performance due to TRP Rates.

Justwalkover: What kind of career progression one will have?

Vishmitha: From anchor, one can become anchor chief over the period.

Justwalkover: What would be the starting salary range?

Vishmitha: Starting salary 8k, Part-time could be 4k to 5k.

Justwalkover: Is this job demands overtime or shift? What is the working pattern?

Vishmitha: Yes, it demands shifts. Sometimes night shift also-specially news channels during some important events. Example: During elections there could be overtime.

Justwalkover: What is the job role?

Vishmitha: The job role of an anchor is,

  • Script writing-What one talk in order.
  • Voice over-It should match with a script.
  • Anchoring.


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