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Discover Hidden Secrets of Professional Tattoo Art

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Mr. Conrad Misquith, who has been in the tattoo industry since 2006. He is the first tattoo artist in Mangalore. He owns tattoo studios in Mangalore, Mysore, and Bangalore and has plans to open tattoo school shortly. His insight and experience would be beneficial to readers who might be considering the profession of tattooing.

Justwalkover: What is necessary for tattoo artists?

Conrad Misquith: Creativity is necessary for tattoo artists. One needs to have the highest form of imagination to do creative things.

Justwalkover: What is the scope of this job?

Conrad Misquith: Lot of scope for tattoo artist compared to old times. When I purchased tattoo kit it was 75,000 rupees and now the same kit is available for 30000 and can earn that money within 1 month. If one is talented, one can earn handsome money from it.One of my artists’ works 10 hours a week and comfortably earns 1.5 lacs per month.

Justwalkover: How people will come to your studio?

Conrad Misquith: I never advertised about his tattoo studio. If artist is good, people will come

Justwalkover: What kind of challenges you face in this work?

Conrad Misquith: Tattoo machine weigh 850gms with handle grips. One need to hold it continuously for 6-7 hours that needs good physic, stamina, concentration .One should refrain from all bad habits.

Rectifying bad tattoos and making the correction is also the difficult task. Doing portraits on a body, which is very difficult to do. Only a few artists can do.

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