Career Guidance All You Need to Know about Site Incharge job

All You Need to Know about Site Incharge job

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Mr.Jaya Prakash is working as Site Coordinator in construction field located in Kuwait. In this interview with Justwalkover, JayaPrakash explains ins and outs of Site Incharge Job.

Justwalkover: What is the Qualification required to do this job?

Jaya Prakash: Diploma Engineering or Bachelors of Engineering in Civil.

Justwalkover: What are the technical skill sets required for this job?

Jaya Prakash: Strong computer skills (Excel, Word, Outlook and web-based work platforms)

Strong working knowledge of local residential/commercial construction practices; basic building repair including painting, roofing, drywall and carpentry projects.

Ability to use project management software and knowledge of electrical materials related to the construction field.

Justwalkover: What are the soft skills required?

Jaya Prakash: Strong interpersonal and communication skills, Strong organisation, Time management skills, Analytical, Decision-making, Excellent organisational, Presentation skills and Multi-tasking skills.

Justwalkover: What is the scope of this job and domains who recruit these jobs?

Jaya Prakash: Hospitals, Government Organisations, Educational Institutions, Construction Companies recruit these jobs.

Justwalkover: What kinds of Personality traits match this job?

Jaya Prakash: Outgoing, friendly personality.

Justwalkover: What are the major challenges one can come across in this job?

Jaya Prakash: Some  of  the  construction  issues  include  safety,  time  constraints,  and  the  changing nature of the work.  Non-construction challenges  that  Site Coordinator face that is part of the  business  landscape  include  legal  issues,  government  regulations,  environmental  concerns.

Justwalkover: What kind of career progression one will have?

Jaya Prakash: Yes, there is high career progression is there in this field.

From Site coordinator, one can become Project coordinator in 3-4 years. From Project coordinator to Assistant Project Manager- Project Manager-Senior Project Manager-Operations Manager-General Operations Manager so on.

Justwalkover: What would be the starting salary range?

Jaya Prakash: Variable dependent on nature of work, qualifications, and duties. Hourly rate is approximate $27 per hour. In India 3.52 lacks per year in the starting phase. In Kuwait 350 KWD.

Justwalkover: Is this job role demands overtime or shift?

Jaya Prakash: Hours can vary Yes it demands over time depending on the site operations situations.

If there are less time and more work then, we have to work overtime and company will give overtime payment.

Justwalkover: What is the job role?

Jaya Prakash: The construction site coordinator manages everyone involved in a construction job, including workers, administrative staff, clients, and the owner or developer. Construction coordinators must oversee cost, quality control, and personnel to ensure the construction process goes smoothly. Individuals in this role must know relevant local, state, and federal codes and laws; they must ensure that regulations are followed on the job site.

Some of the Tasks for an example are Controlling manpower; like arranging manpower for site, controlling their Time Sheet and Daily Sign Sheet, giving visit to Site for check the Work Progress, Controlling Transport as per work Schedule, Material Requesting and Receiving , updating daily report weekly report to Manager and Site engineer and Sponsor Company.

Major work is electrical, Sponsor Company giving us deadline date, for that base we have to finish our work before the deadline date. For the project, what and all need like materials, manpower, transport, heavy vehicles everything is controlled by site coordinator.










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