Investment Guidance Here is Best Tips You Need to Know about Stock Market Investment

Here is Best Tips You Need to Know about Stock Market Investment

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Mr. Arun Bhat is a Key Area Manager in Kotak Mahindra Bank who has received Best Outstanding Performer of the year 2015-2016. He shares his expertise with Justwalkover and offers few tips to readers on how and why one should invest in Stock Market.

Is investing money on the stock market good or not?

It is a good idea to buy stocks for the long term. Long-term investment in stock market always pays a higher return. Even stock gurus like Warren buffet and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala also advice to make an investment for long term.

Which is the best way to make money monthly using stock marketing?

Investing in SIP (SYSTEMATIC INVESTMENT PLAN) on monthly basis: SIP is a method of investing a fixed sum, regularly, in a mutual fund scheme. SIP allows one to buy units on a given date each month so that one can implement a saving plan for themselves.

Does the money invested in the future and options of a company affect that company in any way?

Futures and Options are a derivative product. They derive their value from the underlying stock of the company. Trading done in Futures and Options have no direct bearing or effect on the underlying Company.

With ₹10000 in which sector in stock market, one should invest money to get ₹30000 after 6 months?

The Auto sector, Pharma and FMCG have performed very well as compared to Sensex. Therefore, it is better to have the majority of stocks in your portfolio from these sectors.

How should one invest Rs.5000-10000 in shares/stocks every month to get good returns?

Nifty ETF's are a better investment than mutual funds since management fee is minimal and there are no loads. Nifty 50 Index is computed using a free float market capitalization method, wherein the level of the index reflects .Advantages of ETF’sFlexibility, Transparency, Liquidity, cost effectiveness etc.

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