Inspiring Stories G.Muralidhar Kamath- A Rhythm That Creates Sensational Magic

G.Muralidhar Kamath- A Rhythm That Creates Sensational Magic

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"Through perseverance, many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain failure." Benjamin Disraeli.

This quote exactly matches to the journey of Drummer Murali. His journey was not an easy route, but it is sassy and interesting.

Muralidhar Kamath is from a conservative background. Music is in his blood. It was part of his life. He has been doing all his life and it stood out above everything else. His family engaged in Bhajan service from a long time. So music was not a new thing for him. Along with music he used to play instruments like Kango, Harmonium, and Tabla. Mr.Vasanth Kadri introduced him to Music World. That time Drum was famous. Fans thought he is the right choice to play the drum in his orchestra. Due to fans' force, he learnt and excelled in Drum and soon went on to become a musical sensation with his magical rhythm.

The better a work is, the more it attracts a criticism. Even though he had encouragement from his home, some people criticized him for opting music as his career. People were telling since he is from business background music is not the right choice for him. They also said from music he can't fulfil his family's financial needs. But he didn't care for any negative words and he chosen his hobby as his path of achievement.

In 1998, he got married to Vidya Kamath. After 6 months he met with an accident. It was a physical and emotional trauma for the couple. Till that time he involved in construction work. Music was just hobby till that time. His physical disability limited him to continue to work in construction field. Suddenly life turned upside down, and he found out the right way. He has taken up music as the profession and its music gave him a second life. In spite of physical challenges, he excelled in music and became an inspiration to others.

His talent is applauded by many, got him the nick name Drummer Murali. He got many awards - Bovndi Sardar by Vishwa Konkani Sammelana, Outstanding young personality award by Jaycees in 2001, Ganakala Bhooshana Ganadev in 2008 by Shri Shri Dharmapalanath Swamiji of Aadhichunchanagiri Samsthanam, District Rajyothsava award in 2010.

His message to society is one should not expect success without doing hard work. To earn success, hard work is the only Mantra. One should use art for the goodness of society.

He noticed and encouraged people with talents in music - who haven't got an opportunity in the art field. Also, he made them get noticed by other people. People can contact him through phone: 9845008610.




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