Inspiring Stories Enormous Grace -Nishvitha Karandoor

Enormous Grace -Nishvitha Karandoor

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How joyous for a mother when her little toddler smiles for music and puts steps for rhymes. And her wise mother recognizes her talent with a joy and decides to shape that. This is the beginning story of alluring Bharathanatyam artist Nishvitha Karandoor.

Nishvitha's mother admitted her to Bharathanatyam class when she was in 1st standard. A journey of dance continued and she successfully attained Vidwath when she was in P.U.C.  With the support of family, friends and people around her circle she could achieve her goal in such a tender age. Her passion has been blended in her performance.

In order to excel one must be willing to accept constructive criticism. Some people criticized Nishvitha by telling dancers will not have any respect in society and it is not the best career choice. But passionate Nishvitha was firm about her decision. Despite being a gracious dancer and performing most of the time, she never ignored academics. Currently, she is perusing her LLB degree from SDM Law College Mangalore.

According to her, one will not have to sacrifice anything for something if one sets priority levels in life. She says give priority to only for those that your heart truly connects.

Her talent recognized and honoured by many local clubs, unions and institutions. She has given dance performances in Delhi, Bangalore, Hampi, Chickamagalur, Mysore, Chennai and other places. She has been awarded district and state level awards.

Her message to others is, "Fix your goal first and then concentrate only on achieving it. Believe yourself then that belief itself leads you towards success. Avoid western influence on classical arts as they are cherished best in their original forms".

She is taking Bharathanatyam classes in Kadri Nrithya Vidya Nilaya and Dreams Coaching Centre. Is also, working as part time dancer instructor at Cambridge School Mangalore. People who are interested learning Bharathanatyam can contact her through Phone-8951893346.

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