Inspiring Stories Vibrant Blany D’Souza, an Innovative Terrace Gardener

Vibrant Blany D’Souza, an Innovative Terrace Gardener

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What is that passion if it doesn't make you chase after it?  We present the passionate story of a gentleman Mr.Blany D'Souza who is chasing his passion every day, dedicating his life to nurturing and preserve plant life. This nature lover had the immense interest to grow plants, curiosity to watch life in the plants from the childhood became Terrace Gardener by co-incidence.

Mr.Blany D'Souza is used to grow veggies at kitchen garden. He had put up Ivy guard mantap backside of the kitchen and one branch which fetched to the terrace. He saw abundant ivy guards in the terrace compared to more in the ground. By the time surrounding ground was full with plants and there was no place left to grow plants. This triggered the idea of Terrace Gardening.

In the past, Mr. D’Souza has served as an auditor in UAE.After his return to India for good; he set up laundry shops in Mangalore. Initially, people criticized him and called him mad for growing plants in the garden. They were criticizing him for wasting his time and energy. But this strong willed gentleman never shook for negative comments. He knew if he wins the race same people pat his back. And the same thing happened when he gained honor, popularity in India as well as outside India for his terrace gardening and the mastery in the same. He states wonderful quote, "People throw stones only if Mangos are sweet". Indeed, it is inspiring how he sailed against odds.

He grows Apple, Orange, Rudrakshi, Budda Lime, Asafotida, Moosambi, Fig Fruits,Tamarind,Vegitables, Kabool Grapes etc. (and what not?) on the Terrace without using pesticides. There is an interesting story related to how he cultivated Kabul Grapes in Mangalore. He got the habit of visiting different nurseries during free time. It was before 5 years accidently Kabul Grape plant came to one of the Mangalore Nurseries. And the owner of the Nursery asked Mr.Blany D’Souza to take the plant and grow in his garden. Almost one and half year he couldn't see flowers in the grape plant. Thrice he went to cut the plant out of frustration but couldn't make his heart to hurt the plant. It was one sweet day in the church during sermon priest was quoting Bible verses "I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing". Something clicked to Mr.Blany D’Souza and back home he cut all the branches. After 15 days flowers bloomed in the plants and he yielded grapes after 4 months.

A passionate nature lover and Vibrant Blany D’Souza says, “Only water is not required for plants. Love plant like your child. Touch it, feel it. Plants have life".

His message to others is, "Don't blame on prizes, pesticides. Instead of blaming others you grow your own veggies. He states wonderful quote, “Light a candle instead of cursing the darkness".

So far Blany D’Souza conducted more than 20 training sessions on Terrace Gardening. Set up gardening in more than 41 houses. Nature lovers can contact him on 9972716340.

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