Inspiring Stories Muneer Basha .A. - Living his Purpose and Dreams in the Kho-Kho Court

Muneer Basha .A. - Living his Purpose and Dreams in the Kho-Kho Court

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Muneer had a dream –a dream that poverty tried to squash repeatedly.  But he fought against obstacles and became a champion against the odds. In a shadow of gloom, Muneer glowed with a strong and radiant spirit.  He is living his dreams because of absolute hard work and genuine attitude.   

When he was in 5th standard Muneer inspired by watching senior students who used to play Kho-Kho, and decides to join school Kho-Kho club. He proved it  right that he took the  life's best decision when he bagged Bharath Award in 2005-06 held in Panjab, Patiala under 14 years category. He added laurels to his crown in a tender age itself by winning 3 National level games.

He comes from economically backward family. His father is working as Cooli in RMC, Bhadravathi and mother is a homemaker.  His parents could not afford his education, and he had to discontinue studies and say goodbye to Kho-Kho due to financial condition. He could not see any other way except working as Cooli worker in the Construction field.

In a meantime, Kho-Kho coach Mr.Vishwas.S. from Bhadravathi who observed this boy for a long time thought Karnataka require this kind of players.  So he approached Muneer Basha and encouraged and supported him to write P.U.C Exams. Basha joined Vishveshwarahaih Sports Club and the game started again. Now he is pursuing graduation with a help of noble coach Mr.Vishwas and Vishwanath Rao, Physical Director of Government First Grade College Hosmane, Bhadravathi.

Basha says, in order to achieve something, social functions, and fun time with friends needs to be sacrificed.  Every day he practices 6 hours for the game - 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the evening and its worth. He told - he gained self-identity and respect only because of the game.

He got so many criticisms for continuing Kho-Kho. Some people poked him by saying what is there in Game.  However, his parents encouraged him and his coach who encouraged him to reach for his dreams.  Basha took criticism as a challenge and made an extraordinary will to win.

He became Best All-rounder 2011 at Senior National Federation Cup held in Tumkur.

From 2012 until today five times he participated and won Senior National Level Games.

The noteworthy achievement has he represented India as a Vice Captain of Kho-Kho Team India - in South Asian Game and won Gold Medal.

His message to society and a government is, ‘' Give support to children who got interest in a game. Karnataka Government is not giving encouragement for Kho-Kho game.So Government should consider National Level players for Government Job appointments".




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